Thursday, May 29, 2008

Carly the "Spoiled" Yellow Lab

Mother's Day brought a new puppy my way. She was born March 23. Her registered name is Carly Ketsenberg's O'Bannon, named after her mother and father. Her mother was a black lab and her father was a beautiful light yellow lab. She seems to be taking to her kennel nicely. And seems to train easily. She has mastered the "Sit" command or she just likes to eat and knows that will get her a quick treat! : ) However she quickly pulled a large piece of my wallpaper off the wall in the kitchen the other night!!! If I could just get her to depaper the living room walls!!


  1. whohoo! you got a puppy
    hope it doesn't pull anymore paper off the walls though..omg!

  2. Aah, I want one too, how adorable...

  3. Makes me want to get another yellow lab, mine is 2years old and the best dog I have ever had.