Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Homecoming 2008

This weekend was homecoming with Carey pulling the volleyball girls' float in the parade, the football game was held, and finally the dance. We spent most of Sunday afternoon taking pictures. Luckily it was nice a warm and the Governor's Gardens on the State Capitol Grounds still had beautiful flowers blooming to use for backdrops. We got there just before the rush so we didn't have a lot of people lurking in the background of our pictures. I always enjoy watching the parade of dresses and shoes through the Governor's Gardens. Some are quite funny trying to walk in 3" heels for the first time...I think they needed a little practice.


  1. whoa...does he ever look handsome..and WUV that hot pink tie! yep..i definitely would have been crackin up checkin out those chickies walkin in those 3 inch heels for the first time..omg..are they crazy! what a great should scrap that!

  2. Great photos Deb!! (blog is lookin great too!!!)

  3. where the heck are ya? don't stop postin
    wanna keep up on ya chickie..hugs!